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A space for healing to achieve wellness and soul empowerment.

Interstellar Healing utilizes integrative energy healing modality composed of Pranic Healing and intuition to balance emotional, physical, and mental forces within your body.

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I had a great healing session with Therisa.  She is a professional and quiet through. She asked me about my overall concerns, explained the process, and what she was going to do.  
The day of my healing session, I had been feeling quiet sluggish; Therisa was able to fully re-energize me.  I received a thorough energetic cleaning and felt quiet re-vitalized afterwards.  
The following day I felt great.
Thanks so much for this Therisa!

Arien Way, Spiritual Guide-Teacher-Healer

I had the pleasure to experience an incredible healing session with Therisa and I love the transmission of healing and soul wisdom that I was able to feel the transformation inside my body.  
Therisa has a very strong grounded energy that helped me locate my own and gave me clarity with my business and ability to create what I needed to do.  
Therisa's guidance and healing session helped me to expand my heart and receive the clarity I needed for my business and personal journey.  I will recommend her services for family and friends.
Thank you, Therisa.  I appreciate our session together.  Blessings.

Marissa Cocuzza, Spiritual Love Coach

I'm so grateful for receiving a healing from Therisa yesterday!  I had a stiff neck pain that was really bothering me as well as lower back stiffness for the last couple of days.  Therisa explained right on the bet what to expect during the session, was very attentive and grounded.  She did pranic healing at the second half and my body felt at ease almost instantaneously.  The weight was lifted of my neck and I felt at ease.  She did some work on my chakras, focusing on the ones that needed clearing as well as cord cutting from any negative attachments.  I'm feeling awesome today, thank you so much Therisa for your wonderful energy and healing.  
Sending gratitude, love and infinite light your way.

Anastasia, Seeker and Healer

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